Nail Rings

Rings used to slip onto your finger and sit, unobtrusively for the most part, at the very end, where the finger met the hand. This is no longer the case, as fashion brands scramble to come up with the latest cutting-edge designs that push accessories further and further out, literally. What’s the latest trend from French fashion giant Chanel ? It isn’t knuckle rings, and it’s certainly not a standard, boring slips-all-the-way-on ring, no, it’s a nail ring. It sits just on the tip.

With the recent obsession with nail art of all kinds, this seems like an easier way for you to add sparkle to your fingertips without devoting hours to careful paint applications. It’s really a trade off. Do you want to agonize over prints and patterns via polish, or do you want to go an evening without using your hands to do more than wave, slowly, carefully, maybe not even that?

Ultimately, it seems obvious that despite the practicality issues, these new nail rings are an ongoing hit. They look great stacked with knuckle and conventional rings, too. What a genius idea.

Source : Designer and Diamonds

Image : Beauty World News