How to Wear The Silk Headscarf Trend in 2021

It’s safe to say headscarves have been around for a long time. Cited as debuting on the ever-fashionable queens of Ancient Egypt, they made their way into Hollywood, a staple for Audrey Hepburn. From Hermès to Versace, high fashion brands have been in love with silk headscarves, fashionably tying them around models’ necks, knotting them into head wraps.

Now celebrities, influencers, and the entire Internet revolves around the silk headscarf look. There’s entire TikTok trends dedicated to the accessory. And there’s no question why – whether it’s to look luxurious or conceal a bad hair day, silk headscarves can make an outfit. And in some cases, they do make an entire outfit, as a big DIY fashion trend has been converting silk scarves into cute sleeveless tops. That’s why headscarves have remained a staple: they’re flexible and as creative as you want to make them.

Here’s some silk headscarf inspo to get you started.

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